Fewer Clicks, Fewer Barriers: In-App Integration Streamlines Financial and Prescription Medicine Assistance

Posted by Ian Manners on September 29, 2020

Research has shown that when healthcare systems automate the search for prescription assistance programs, more patients are interested in getting support. But when it’s time to apply for that funding, having to re-enter data into a separate form just adds a new barrier to the process.

In-app integration can remove those barriers and speed up access to care. That happens when a financial navigation tool interacts directly with the sponsor’s application platform: With the ability to complete a real-time and fully electronic enrollment application, directly within the solution, seamless integration helps patients get every dollar they deserve.

With Vivor’s newest partnership with Genentech, providers are now able to reduce barriers to patient care by quickly securing financial assistance resources for patients prescribed medications and other Genentech products.

Another benefit of tool-to-sponsor integration is having end-to-end dashboard tracking. When financial assistance technologies collaborate with sponsor programs and patient assistance resources, healthcare providers can more easily track financial assistance activity—including enrollments, claims, orders, and reporting—from the point of care.

Vivor’s Express Enroll feature, for example, integrates with participating programs so that clinicians can help patients enroll using pre-populated forms within the Vivor platform. Because it’s an in-app experience, providers don’t have to create separate usernames or passwords for product-specific portals—which means staff members don’t have to remember those login credentials for the future. And when new funding becomes available, Vivor sends an alert to providers in real-time as a reminder to initiate the enrollment process.

After all, every new administrative barrier reduces the likelihood that patients will get the financial assistance they deserve. When technology can integrate the search for programs while making the first application step as easy as possible, everyone wins.

Express Enroll is currently available for co-pay assistance and free/replacement programs supporting more than 25 of the most commonly used products in oncology—and we’re continually growing the list of participating manufacturers. To try it at your practice or hospital, request a demo with Vivor.